We are The Skills Farm

We live by the philosophy that everyone deserves the most powerful training

We love making people feel special

Relationships are everything to us

Let us banish the box tickers and the mediocre

Dissolve monotonous power points and bring back the bold

Those who like comfort zones should stay there

Hail the ones who want to step up, speak up, and stand out

What we can do for you

Legendary Leadership

Leadership training that provides you with the essential tools to quickly take your technical teams to high performance.

Socially Intelligent Selling

Technical sales team training that teaches you advanced influence and persuasion skills, to ensure success in every sales interaction.

The Relationship Revolution

Customer service training to ensure you cultivate relationships that leave your clients feeling special, even in challenging situations.

Meet Jamie and Scott

Having worked for two of the biggest tech companies in the world, Scott at IBM and Jamie at Apple, we know what it is like to keep up with the demands of training technical specialists, in this fast paced environment. Smaller organisations and startups don’t have the resources that the big players have – that’s why we started The Skills Farm.

We love designing workshops that help technical specialists to become more confident
and to know exactly what to say to achieve the right results.


What we do in a nutshell