Customer Service Training Course

A customer service training course to ensure you cultivate relationships that leave your clients feeling special, even in challenging situations. The Relationship Revolution.

Leadership Training
A two-day customer service training course designed & delivered by our award-winning customer service expert.
Join the relationship revolution!

The dynamics of how we engage with our clients is fast changing. As the landscape grows ever-more crowded and competitive, the need for responsive, effective customer service has never been more important.

Discover the ultimate way to cultivate customer relationships that remain strong even when tested to the limit. Learn the art of emotional intelligence so that you can skilfully defuse  difficult customers and handle the most challenging situations.

The Customer Service Workshop Covers:
  • Building & Maintaining Strategic Relationships
  • Techniques for Deepening Relationships
  • Flexing Your Communication Style
  • Being a Trusted Business Advisor
  • Advanced Listening Skills
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • The Saying ‘No’ Formula
  • Handling Difficult Clients, Conflict & Disagreement

Your client facing teams will walk away knowing how to exceed customer expectations, provide an outstanding customer experience and handle difficult, emotionally driven conversations.

It’s packed with powerful techniques used by the most influential client facing teams
across the challenging world of business today.

This is your invitation to revolutionise your customer service skills.


A two-day action packed programme with plenty of hands-on practice which means that learners get actively involved in everything they learn.

Perfect For

Sales teams. Ideal for your entire sales team to ensure consistency of results for your company.

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Download The Customer Service Training Course brochure