Leadership Training Course

Leadership training course that provides the essential tools to quickly take your team to high performance.

Why we do it
A powerful two-day leadership training course designed and delivered by our award-winning leadership communication specialists.
Why kick-start your leadership skills?

As a new leader, you need to adapt, be up to speed, and acquire the skills required to inspire and motivate your team towards high performance.

The Legendary Leadership Workshop

You’ll learn how to flex your leadership style, delegate effectively and motivate every
member of the team. You’ll learn how to use empathy and exceptional communication
skills to lead with confidence, even during difficult feedback conversations.

An inspiring leader recognises the importance of planning, of providing support and
creating an environment to allow your team to perform and achieve long-term success.

Our course allows you to learn, practice, and take away the essential skills needed for
effective and successful leadership. Problem solving,
delegating, motivating, strategic planning and providing feedback.

This workshop is designed to give your leadership skills the confidence boost that they

This is your invitation to unleash the legendary leader in you…



A two-day high impact workshop with plenty of hands-on practice which means that learners get actively involved in everything they learn.


New leaders, in role for 3 months or more. Experienced leaders who need a refresher and are ready to up their game.

Download The Legendary Leadership Training brochure

Download The Leadership Training Course brochure