Managing Millennials

Modern day leadership training that teaches you how to lead, integrate, and motivate the millennials in your teams.

Choosing a leadership development program
A game-changing, two-day, high-impact workshop designed and delivered by our award-winning millennial expert.
Why lead millennials any differently?

By 2020 the millennial generation will make up 50% of your workforce. To stand out as a successful leader you will need to know how to quickly engage them, capitalise on their strengths, and keep them motivated.

You’ll need to know how to plan your development and leadership approach for the millennial workforce that you have today — and also understand the urgency of planning for the generation yet to come.

The Managing Millennials Workshop

Understand Millennials like you never have before by learning what is a myth and what is the truth about a millennial’s mindset.

With this workshop you’ll learn how to smoothly integrate team members of different generations, keep them accountable, and drive performance. You will also learn how to shape and maintain a highly effective diverse team.

This workshop is designed to give you the skills you need to lead millennials.
This is your invitation to be a magnificent millennial manager…


A two-day, high-impact workshop with plenty of hands-on practice which means that learners get actively involved in everything they learn.


Anyone who manages millennials.

Download The Managing Millennials brochure

Download The Managing Millennials brochure