Why we do it

Over the last 10 years we’ve been lucky enough to train at IBM, Apple, Google, Deloitte, Ericsson and the NHS. But we believe that every company – large, medium and small – deserves to have access to the most current learning available, so that they can grow too.

Everything we do is based on our three core principles, which are

Every company deserves to have access to the most current learning available.

The skills development of every participant is at the centre of every workshop that we design.

Every business should be able to measure the impact of the training we deliver.

Our clients don’t just ask us to deliver one or two training courses. They bring us in to help them grow. And we grow with them.

Think back to your school days. Do you remember that brilliant teacher who made the subject interesting and brought the lesson to life? So do we. They inspired us too.

So, we spend hours examining the most useful and up-to-date communication techniques. We study the best practices used by the worlds most successful organisations. And we translate the latest research in neuroscience into plain english.

In the classroom, we’re learner centred. It means that we focus entirely on the skills development of the people in front of us – just like that memorable teacher did.

And we know the impact of what we do doesn’t end there. By design, your organisation will notice a measurable difference in results, because that’s what great training should do.

In a nutshell, we provide thoughtful learning experiences, simulations, exercises, coaching, feedback and action plans – all in plain english. It’s the stuff that builds skills both in the classroom and back in the workplace. That’s what you’re paying for right?

As you can see, delivering an outstanding training experience is incredibly important to us.

In fact, it’s at the root of everything we do at The Skills Farm.