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Youth board

Did you know that the problem solving skills of your teams diminish the longer they have worked for your company?

So to give you access to some of the most innovative, fresh thinking talent in the country we’ll team you up with Southampton Solent University.

Welcome to The Youth Board.

How does The Youth Board work?

You give us a live brief – an issue or challenge that your company really faces – and we engage Southampton Solent University’s (SSU) business & marketing degree students to solve the problem for you.

It’s win/win.

They get an opportunity to put their minds, skills and training to work on solving real business problems which helps them to build genuine, practical experience, essential for when they start formal employment.

You get to tap into some of the brightest brains in Britain, along with industry experts, and the professional guidance of their course tutors.

Get in touch with us and we’ll meet with you to establish your requirements and scope out the project.

We’ll then work closely with SSU to brief the students. In small groups, they get to work and approximately 15 weeks later they’ll present their solutions back to us.

We chose the best and invite them to present their ideas to you and provide you with a report. Your time commitment is minimal.

What type of problems could they solve?

Well, Millennials (people born around 1990) are likely to make up 50% of your workforce by 2020. They will reshape how we work.

You need to be ready for that.

Are your working environments, processes, learning & development offerings, communication channels, graduate programmes etc, prepared for 2020?

What about market research? Do you have a Social Media strategy? Do you want evidence based ideas for generating new revenue or income streams? The list is endless.

Finally, one more win. You get to attract talented, confident individuals to your company, saving you recruitment costs in the future.

The Youth Board. It’s like a graduate laboratory, where we help future leaders and thinkers grow.